Gurenkyuman was a monster created by the great meme lord 50 years before the beginning of Cory White House de Chou Taihen. He plotted to take control of Boobie-Chan but got rekt by Cory-Kun.


Gurenkyuman is a complete douche. He strongly believes that he is a true gentleman and is the best being in the universe. His ego is enormous. Gurenkyuman has no kindness in his heart. All he wants is complete control over boobs. His only love is wine.



Gurenkyuman is a white very plain looking guy. He has a top hat and a very condescending expression on his face at all times. Gurenkyuman wheres a monocle over his right eye. He always carries a glass of wine with him. He also wheres a colar and a tie but neither is attached to a tux so he just kinda wheres a tie over his naked body.


Gurenkyuman kidnapped Boobie-Chan in episode 75, his plan was to control all the boobs in the world and thus every man in Dorito Land. He would then brainwash them into his personnal army and overthrow the great meme lord. In order to stop him, Cory-Kun infiltated his base and rekt him in an epic battle. He is now dead. 

Fighting abilitiesEdit

  • Glass of wine: Gurenkyuman throws a glass of wine at his enemies to blind them.
  • Top hat throw: He throws his top hat at his foe with extreme dexterity. The hat itself is hard as steel.
  • Mustache twirl: He twirls his mustache. This makes his foes extremely jealous of his awesome stache and makes them surrender.